Taubman Center -- University Transportation Center Fellowship for Academic Year 2013-14

The Taubman Center for State and Local Government plans to award five fellowships to Kennedy School second year MPP2/MPA2 and Graduate School of Design MUP candidates who have excellent academic records and a strong interest in transportation and infrastructure or related fields.

Funding is part of a US Department of Transportation grant administered through the New England University Transportation Center and recipients must be US citizens. The fellowship will provide a $10,000 tuition scholarship for second year MPP, MPA or MUP students.

Recipients should be planning to write their Policy Analysis Exercise or an equivalent paper on a transportation policy or planning topic.

To apply please submit:

  • An essay (one page in length) explaining the nature of your interest and experience in transportation and the topic of your paper.
  • A copy of your resume or CV.
  • A list of courses taken in your first year and the grades for those courses completed (an official transcript is not needed) and the names of two faculty members who can be consulted as references.

    Please use the additional documentation upload link and combine the courses/grades and names of references into a single document).

The deadline for submitting application materials is March 15, 2014. Fellowship awards will be announced in early May.

Questions about these fellowships may be directed to Sandra Garron, (617) 495-3341, Sandra_Garron@harvard.edu

Please Note: the fellowship/scholarship review process requires that we be able to electronically compile your submitted materials into a single document. It is imperative, therefore, that none of the documents you submit be protected by passwords or any other means. For example, documents submitted as PDFs should be configured to permit edits, changes and copying. If the fellowship/scholarship for which you are applying requires you to submit a letter from a recommender, please remind your recommender not to protect these documents. If you do submit protected documents you risk not being considered for the fellowship/scholarship for which you have applied.

Please be advised that it will typically take at least two working days after you submit your fellowship/scholarship application for its status to be updated in MYFAID.

Additional Note: Readers of fellowship/scholarship applications do not have access to admission application materials (letters of recommendation, essays, etc).


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