Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management -- MPA/MPP/MPA-ID Fellowship for Criminal Justice Policy and Management

Please note that the deadline to submit a fellowship application is the same as the general financial assistance application deadline: February 27, 2014.

This Fellowship will provide a student the opportunity to work creatively with the faculty, executive director and senior researchers of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management to foster relationships among students interested in a broad range of criminal justice issues. The Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management strives to illuminate the benefits and potential of cross-sector approaches to criminal justice policy and practice. The primary role of the Fellow will be to increase the involvement of the student body of the University in general and the Kennedy School in particular in issues related to criminal justice policy and management. The position runs for one academic year and is available to students who are enrolled in the MPA/MPP/MPA ID programs at the Harvard Kennedy School. The Fellowship includes a $15,000 stipend. Priority will be given to students with unmet financial need.

Position overview:

The Fellow’s work will be designed in conjunction with Program in Criminal Justice staff and will include activities such as:

  • Partnering with the Program’s senior leadership and researchers to improve interaction between practitioners and scholars in the criminal justice field, and to create multiple channels of connection among scholarship, practice and teaching of criminal justice policy.
  • Promoting events of interest to graduate students pursing criminal justice-related careers.
  • Facilitating ongoing growth of the student-run, campus-wide Criminal Justice Student Affinity Group. Improving the Student Opportunities section of the Program’s website.
  • Reaching out to faculty across the University and a wide range of practitioners across disciplines within the field to assess the current climate and help identify the most beneficial form of a University-practitioner partnership.
  • Participating, as fellow’s time and PCJ’s priorities allow, in PCJ sponsored research activities.

The Fellow can project devoting roughly five to ten hours per week to the work, front-loaded at the start of each semester.


Interest and experience with domestic or international criminal justice organizations is key, with preference for those with an interest in continuing in the field upon graduation. Experience and aptitudes should include strong analytical ability, strong social networking skills, demonstrated commitment to criminal justice system improvement, outstanding written and oral communications, and ability to work both independently and as part of team. Sense of humor appreciated.

Application Procedure:

Interested candidates should submit their CV and a brief essay (no more than one page single-spaced) outlining relevant skills and experience, interest in the work, and how you anticipate this position being of use in the future.

Please Note: the fellowship/scholarship review process requires that we be able to electronically compile your submitted materials into a single document. It is imperative, therefore, that none of the documents you submit be protected by passwords or any other means. For example, documents submitted as PDFs should be configured to permit edits, changes and copying. If the fellowship/scholarship for which you are applying requires you to submit a letter from a recommender, please remind your recommender not to protect these documents. If you do submit protected documents you risk not being considered for the fellowship/scholarship for which you have applied.

Please be advised that it will typically take at least two working days after you submit your fellowship/scholarship application for its status to be updated in MYFAID.

Additional Note: Readers of fellowship/scholarship applications do not have access to admission application materials (letters of recommendation, essays, etc).


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